Checkbox group


import {CheckboxGroup} from '@xsolla/uikit';


With stripes
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Without stripes and allow select nested folder
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With placeholder
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Option fields

  id: number,
  label: string,
  extraLabel: string,
  disabled: bool,
  options: options


fieldsconfig for redux-formobject
optionscheckbox arrayarray
placeholderset placeholder for empty liststring
showStripesshow row stripes in checkbox listbooltrue
disabledset the disabled status of checkbox groupbooltrue
customStatusLabelif custom status label is set, variables count, total will be passed into itobject{id: 'xsui.tree-select.selected-items', defaultMessage: '{count} items selected'}
allowSelectNestedFolderallows to select nested folderboolfalse
entryMaxHeightallows to set entry max heightnumber
isFixedLineHeightDisableddisable fixed line height of item. If true then showStripes is ignoredboolfalse